What requirements are there for a life partner permit?

Firstly and most importantly the relationship does need to mirror that of a marriage. What we mean by this is that there is a requirement for life partners to clearly demonstrate they are in a relationship where there is shared ongoing commitment and support. both emotionally and financially. to one another. This requirement for a life partner permit is met by the provision of such things as:
  • Shared expenses such as bills.
  • Proof of living at the same address.
  • Joint bank accounts.
  • Interviews of the life partner and South African.
  • Letters of support and acknowledgement of the relationship.
Top 5 need to knows:
  • The requirements as laid down by the Department of Home Affairs do not specify any minimum periods of time that the life partner relationship must have existed for.
  • The same requirements are in place for both same sex and hetro-sexual couples.
  • There are no age limits to obtaining a life partner permit.
  • Whilst a life partner permit does not enable you to work, run a business or study a simple endorsement to the permit facilitates this. You can read more on the requirements for endorsing a life partner permit here.
  • Submission of your application should wherever possible take place in your home country and please note the criteria may alter according to the local Home Affairs representative office.